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In the event that a disk has become stuck in your Macintosh computer, there are several steps you can take to try to force it to eject. Restart your.
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Who cares whether the ejection was performed because of a paper clip or the operating system sending an eject command? Turns out there's a big difference, If your Mac uses a slot-loading optical drive, such as those used on iMacs and MacBooks, your Mac only sends an eject command if it senses there's a CD or DVD in the optical drive.

If your Mac doesn't think there's anything in the drive, no eject signal is sent. CDs and DVDs can become stuck in your Mac's optical drive for many reasons, most of which seem to have to do with the phases of the moon. OK, there are actually real reasons why they get stuck ranging from dirt and debris in the drive or on the disc to using the incorrect media type in an optical drive. It's a recipe for stuck media. When media becomes stuck in your Mac, don't spend all evening howling about the problem; instead, try a nifty trick that usually will eject stuck media.

If you have a slot-loading Mac, including portables, Mac minis, and iMacs , you may find yourself unable to eject a stuck CD or DVD because your Mac has already unmounted the media.

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Once the media is unmounted, your Mac may not respond to the eject command because it believes there is nothing in the drive, and therefore, nothing to eject. There are various ways to force a media eject. This one, using the Boot Manager, is pretty simple and almost always works. This trick works because your Mac doesn't check to see if there is any media in the optical drive at the Boot Manager screen; it just performs the eject command. There's a rare case where you can end up with a disk stuck in your Mac and not be able to access the boot manager.

This can occur in a Mac that either has no startup drive or has a brand-new startup drive that hasn't been formatted yet. The boot manager may not be able to find any device that could be used to boot from, so it never appears on the screen.

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After waiting a reasonable amount of time, you can go ahead and hit the eject key on an Apple wired keyboard, and the eject command will be sent to all removable drives, including your optical drive. This last tip may work on some non-Apple keyboards as well, but it seems to be dependent on the specific keyboard design. Share Pin Email. I inserted a mini disk by accident in the disk drive and it is stuck. All the options above did not work because the disk probably went on a side and it is stuck. Any ideas?

Thank you for any help. Do not try to put credit cards and knives and anything else into the drive!!! The business card was a great idea. Took a few tries with terminal, but finally worked. No more DVDs for this Mac.

How to Eject a Stuck CD / DVD from a MacBook Pro

The last option while using the terminal worked for me after hours of trying and trying and trying everything I could find on the internet. BTW u need to stick the credit card all the way in for it to work.. The terminal solution worked like a charm and I had the benefit of making me feel like a real Geek. You saved me forcing a teaser in there to force it out or using thin plastic with sticky tape on it — because your first suggestion worked. Thanks so much, my disc has been stuck a few days now. I tried the thin cardboard a bookmark actually and it worked, when nothing else did.

I stopped the disc from spinning, did a force shut down. Thanks again and Bless the Lord Jesus Christ. I really got panicked as i loaded a disk with a plastic cd cover…I did the card and use eyebrows pliers to help out it seems to have worked. Thank you……. I understand that if the CD is stuck you have to get it out somehow, but yikes! Next time, if possible, try this:. If 4 fails try the eject key.

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  4. Or, if that fails, eject from disk utility under the utilities menu. I know this is a post from a while, but are you still bumhurt? The credit card worked for me today like a charm. Cheers mate! I have successfully gotten a jammed CD out of an MBP before by using a credit card and a plastic knife. Does not work. Tried the above and a few others on forums for Ctrl S, E and holidng keyboar. NO effect ; no sound to eject. DVD is not recognized and does not eject. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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    8 Ways to Force Eject a Disc from Your Mac's Optical Drive

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    How To Eject A Stuck CD/DVD In A Mac

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